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Parallel Lines

Welcome, I am your trusted partner for  personalized financial and business advisory services. 

My fields of experience include financial and business modeling, brand consulting, pitching assistance, and a mentor program.


“Everyone needs habits of mind that allow them to dance across disciplines.” ― David Epstein.

June 2021 - Present Day 

Investment Analyst and Financial Consultant, Mumbai

Isha Chakravarthy has a background in the pure sciences followed by a B.Sc (Hons) in Economics and Finance accompanied by a minor in Mathematics.


An alumni of the prestigious Ashoka University, she received the renowned Dean's List award 4 times for outstanding academic achievement and graduated her final year with Latin Honours. While at University she conducted research on multiple areas within finance. Some of her most intriguing research is in the field of Early Warning Systems for Financial Crises and the the effects of gender based fiscal policy on labour market decisions. 


Following this she has worked extensively as an investment analyst with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to understand the nuances of the business ecosystem. Her experience and knowledge is varied across fields and sectors. Currently she works as an investment analyst at SlydS surrounded by a team of enthusiastic individuals working together to create the perfect pitching experience for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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