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Young Professionals Mentorship Forum

Being a young professional can be very daunting. It is our first step outside a well curated comfort-zone. Very often a helping hand and some words of wisdom can make this Herculean task more palatable. 

The Young Professionals Mentorship Forum (YPMF) is a community of mentors and young professionals. A young professional is anyone that is looking to get their bearings in the choppy seas of today's world.


If you are just starting out with your first job, quitting as a VP to take up film-making or starting your own business at any age, YPMF is your community. We are always looking for both experienced and in-experienced personnel to join our ranks! 


How Does It Work?

It's simple really, you just have to sign up!


Click on the 'Join as...' button and fill in the form that you are redirected to. Once we get a better understanding of your background, either a mentor, a young professional or both will reach out to you. You can stay tuned for community posts and insights on this website. There is no eligibility criteria besides the love for learning and sharing experiences.


 We would love to have you be a part of YPMF!

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